f-pzl is really good material for Interior Design Items.
You can make various items to fit room size by your sense.
It's very easy to make cushion, rug, light cover and more, even if its shape is complex.

Modern! Cute! Lovely!
Let enjoy! Your original Interior coordination with f-pzl works!

f-pzl-128 available!

f-pzl-128 is the big sheet composed of 128 square pieces of f-pzl.
It is very useful to make big things such as carpet, sofa cover and more.
The design of connecting corner is same with f-pzl pieces.
They are easy to connect each other.

Why we were developed big seat?

f-pzl is very small pieces.
You have to use so many f-pzl pieces, times and cost if you like to create big one.
And, the design may have a little bit busy feeling.
f-pzl 128 can resolve these problems.
Please try to make big one using f-pzl 128!
Keep clean state easily!

f-pzl can wash by household washing machine.
You can keep clean state easily by detaching only a dirty part and wash it.

To keep safety.

Please hold big interior items like a rug using anti-slipping sheet or tape to keep safety if you put down it on the floor.