Holiday & Seasonal Displays!
Let enjoy! Make seasonal display goods with family.
All items, easy to make, use a little pieces.
f-pzl seasonal designs will help to make the season bright!


Christmas tree set

Christmas tree set…For beginner.
The set includes, f-pzl 26 pieces, instruction of how to make a Christmas tree.

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クリスマスツリー バリエーション

Decoration piece is not included.
Please dress up the tree by your items such as hair pin, ribbon, button and good sense!

Santa (13 pieces) ...For beginner.

Santa (13 pieces)
For beginner.

Star ornament (4,5,6 pieces) ...For beginner.

Star ornament (4,5,6 pieces)
For beginner.
Make a unit which has sharp form by one piece, and create a star ornament by connecting the units.

Poinsettia (15 pieces) ...For Intermediate.

Poinsettia (15 pieces)
For Intermediate.
Expand with star ornament.


Christmas wreath (72 pieces)
For Intermediate.

OHINASAMA (A doll displayed at the Girls' Festival in Japan.)

OHINASAMA (A doll displayed at the Girls' Festival in Japan.)

For beginner.
Making it within 60 min!
OHINASAMA set includes f-pzl 18 pieces with a face kit, and, instruction of how to make an OHINASAMA.

Let dress up the OHINASAMA by your original sense!
Embroider by colorful yarn, pretty bead, please decorate your dolls as you like.

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